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Posts from — October 2008

fetish sissy phone sex

Ever heard of fetish sissy phone sex?  Well, listen up!  I got a call from a sissy earlier today, and I had to write about this for all my sissy whores to read about.  My little sissy Chelsea called wanting extreme fetish phone sex…sissy style!

We had a extreme fetish roleplay where I made my sissy get all dressed up in some slutty ass clothes!  Made her spread her legs in a alley and get fucked all night long.  Pussy fucking, and cum dripping from every angel possible.  After it was all said and done I had her lick it the fuck up!

Tlak to you whores soon.

October 17, 2008   No Comments

fetish domination phone sex

Serious fetush phone sex with roxy is exactly what you get!  I am so much into the fetish phone sex, the really nasty phone sex.  Think your fantasy is so sick or perverted for me?  Well, it’s not!!!!  There is no way in hell it could ever be to sick for me!  I love scat, puke, golden showers, humiliation, fucking, and all of the above.  I never say no, and I enjoy making your pleasure,..our pleasure.

Roxy—-1 888 854 8836

October 13, 2008   No Comments

FILTHY phone sex

I had some very filthy phone sex today!  It was so fucking filthy that I can’t even say it on the blog!  My little phone sex friend called me, told me what he wanted and he got it!  When I say no taboos, i mean no taboos.  I talk and do anything, anytime, with anyone.  Call me for the filthiest phone sex you have ever had!  Maybe i can even tell you about this taboo phone sex call.  I’ll give you a guess….broken broom stick, wood clothes pins, knife, tape, rope, strap on, and a filthy mind!!

Call me for filthy phone sex.
1*888*854*8836….Ask for Jade

October 13, 2008   No Comments