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Posts from — September 2008

Extreme ageplay phonesex

This website is all about extreme phone sex, and what better for extreme phone sex than extreme ageplay phone sex!  I am just your girl.  With a voice like a very young girl, and the imagination of a well written book makes me the perfect teen phone sex girl for you to talk to.  I know you guys enjoy hearing a very young girl on the phone ready and waiting to do anything for you, and I mean anything.

Talk to you phone sex lovers soon.


September 24, 2008   No Comments

extreme cbt phone sex

Extreme Fetish phone sex and domination phone sex with dimona will leave you crawling on the floor to the nearest corner!  Why you ask?  I had a cbt phone sex call where the guy was looking for some serious cbt and ass fucking.  I really enjoyed making him beat his cock with his belt buckle, and snapping mouse traps on his cock head.  I had him beat his cock so hard that the skin came off, but no, we were not done there.  After I aws done with that I made him pour hot wax all over his dick.  He was in such a painful bliss, I thought that I wouldn’t hear from him for a while, boy was I wrong.  I heard from him just the next day.

Dimona at 1*888*854*8836

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Mistress Marlow for femdom phonesex

Femdom is such a beautiful word.  It is a word meaning that I get to punish you and treat you like the shit you were made out to be.  You were born shit, a loser, a fucking piece of dog meat for me to fuck with.  When you call me I expect nothing but the highest quality of servitude from your pathetic ass.  YOU will worship me on our phone sex call, and you WILL enjoy my abuse.

I enjoy every minute of making you my bdsm phone sex whore.  Speak with you very soon bitch.

Mistress Marlow.  1*888*854*8836

September 22, 2008   No Comments

Extreme fetish phone sex

Extreme fetish phone sex is my thing, If your looking for scat, golden showers, forced sex, gaping cunt, a cum eating whore, or just out and out nasty phone sex..I’m your girl!  I enjoy the perverse, the sick and the twisted phone sex.

I cant imagine any other way of getting off than to you guys over the phone while talking about fucking our four legged friends.  mmmm, I just had that type of call about 3 days ago and it was fucking HOT, no taboo phone sex!  When I say no taboo, baby I MEAN no taboo!

Jade-1888 854 8836

September 22, 2008   No Comments

NO taboo phone sex

Looking for no taboo phone sex with a extreme dominate femdom!  Well you found the right place you stupid fucker.  I can’t stand pigs like you, especially when you losers have small cocks.  You really have to fucking be kidding me on the small cock bullshit!  I mean come on.  If you have a small cock you might as well just cut it off.  Thats a good idea isn’t it?  I am going to put you under hypnosis and give you a knife so you can cut that dick off for me over the phone.

Have a small cock?  Call me for fantasy castration phone sex

September 22, 2008   No Comments

fetish phone sex

Fetish phone sex doesn’t get any better unless your doing it with me!  I love getting down and dirty with you boys over the phone.  Just the other day I had this hot scat and golden showers phone sex call.  It was so nasty and so dirty!  I seriously came so fucking hard, I thought I was going to pass the fuck out from cumming so hard.  And yes, I do cum on my calls!  I love cumming on my calls, especially if they are super nasty and fetish phone sex calls.   Call me for the wierd, the extreme, and the most perverse phone sex you have ever had.



September 22, 2008   No Comments