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Posts from — August 2008

Fetish whore phone sex

I watch you through the window while you are sleeping.  I use the key that you didn’t think I had to get in your house.  I pull back the covers to find out that what I thought about you was right!  Your a fucking sissy whore and your wearing lingerie to bed.  Of course your going to eventually wake up so I go in to your living room and I wait patiently like the psychotic bitch that I am.  I wait for you to wake up.  When you do wake up I get you from behind and handcuff you to the door while I fuck your ass.  Enjoy it whore while you get it good from behind.

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Cbt fetish phone sex

Cock and ball torture for those of you who are a bit less than what a real man is.  Small cocks or big cocks doesn’t matter, if your a bitch, your a bitch and you deserve cbt.  I want to tear your cock to pieces and make you watch me.  Have my little girlfriends hold you down while I use my little cbt tools on your ass.  I have so many cbt tools and torture devises, even though you will be in pain you will enjoy it and you will thank me by the end of the call for my torture.  I will talk to you CBT idiots soon.

Call Cherry at 1888 854 8836

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fetish phone sex


Want to talk to a real whore?  Someone with no limits and willing to do anything you want and say?  You found your girl!  I am a willing slut, a submissive whore wanting to please and suck and fuck you in any way possible.  Visit my profile for everything that I am in to.  When I got a call from V today he told me about how much he wanted to fuck my face up with cum and walk me around NY with a rope around my neck, nude, and with cum all over my face so guys could see how much of a whore I am.  I loved that fantasy, and I enjoyed it so much that I came twice during our call.  Talk to you again V

Brooklyn 1 888 854 8836

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Extreme Small cock humiliation

I enjoy watching your sissy ass on cam, showing me how pathetic you are with that small and tiny cock of yours.  Makes me laugh at how pathetic you are.  You really can’t consider yourself a man with a cock that small and the fact that you even call it a dick makes me laugh even harder!  It is called a clitty BITCH!  Thats all you have, is a small clitty!  Stupid fucker!  Thinking your a man when really your just a pathetic little cock sucking sissy bitch.


Mistress Marlow

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Extreme Ageplay and taboo phone sex

Don’t you just love a young pussy?  A tight, warm, and wet pussy that you can fuck!  I will never say no to you.  I will let you do anything you want to me.  I really enjoy having a hard cock stuck right in to my pussy hole, fucking my tight little teen cunt while I scream your name over and over and over agian!  Looking for taboo?  filthy? extreme ageplay?  you found the right place!



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Extreme phone sex-taboo!

Phone sex to the exteme!  I love having the most perverse, the most extreme, the most perverted phone sex there could ever be!  I love talking about extreme taboo and fetish phone sex with guys who love the same shit as I do.  I know you guys just love the fact that I am so filthy and love talking with me about your deepest and most filthiest fantasies!


August 17, 2008   No Comments

CBT phone sex

Calling all pain sluts!  I love hearing you scream and beg for mercy while underneath my feet.  Better yet, having your balls underneath the heel of my boot, having you beg and beg for me to stop…but I won’t.  You will get nothing but abuse and neglect from me.  I enjoy hearing you moan in pain and pleasure at the same time.  Speaking of pain and pleasure, I had a excellent call today where a regular pain slut of mine wanted cock pain.  I gave him the worst cock pain imaginable!  I made him get the mouse trap out along with the ben gay and a belt with a large belt buckle.  Even though he left the call early, I had a ton of fun.

August 12, 2008   No Comments

fetish phone sex-double penetration

I love double penetration!  I had a call today where this guy wanted to fuck me along with another guy.  Both guys had 9 inch dicks and about 3 fingers thick.  They were so big and so large that there was no way I could take both of them in my pussy so I had one fuck my ass and one fuck my face.  Holly shit, I never came so hard in my life!  I enjoyed having both of them cum all over my face for me to lick up and suck on.  Call me anytime you nasty boy!

Talk to you all very soon.


August 12, 2008   No Comments

Breath Play phone sex

Pussy eating is a art, a art that any guy who calls me should know.  Let it be known that every guy who calls me will most likely either worship, eat, kiss, or lick my pussy.  Being that I am female makes me better than you, more perfect, and a lot more powerful than you could ever be.  If you don’t know how to eat pussy correctly be prepared to be taught.

1-888-844-2921  Cherry

August 11, 2008   No Comments

BDSM fetish Phone sex

I must say that I had a funny experience last night.  As all of you know I am a bit psychotic lol, I find it funny though.  I brought a guy over to my house last night after going to a club to party it up.  He thought he was going to get laid, get some tight and wet pussy to fuck.  He could not be more wrong.  I tried him up, real tight, to my bed posts.  Got my strap on on and fucked that pretty little ass of his.  At first he was upset about it and was yelling at me, getting pissed the fuck off.  Then after about 5 mins, he got the biggest fucking hard on I have ever seen.  His cock purple, and throbbing.  The next thing you know he came all over my bed so friggen hard!  I untied him and made him clean up the mess with his tongue.

Call me. 1*888*854*8836

August 10, 2008   No Comments