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I always say live by the cane, suffer by the cane

The first time I was caned the dom I was playing with asked me how much pain I could withstand. I answered truthfully, saying I had a high tolerance for suffering and that he could do as he pleased with my ass. He began with a spanking, using his hand to beat my ass into submission. The sound of my flesh being smacked relentlessly filled the room and each successive strike brought with it more suffering. It was nothing compared to the caning though. The first strike from the bamboo rod was swift and so painful I thought I?d pass out. The welts were immediate and subsequent strikes would leave me bleeding. It was intense like nothing in my life has ever been.

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Jade shares her stinky panty fantasy with a caller

taboo phone sex

Girls aren?t wild about sharing this detail, but it only takes a few days of wear for our panties to get stinky. Luckily, I have guys that love the smell of my stinky panties and I get to share them. I?ve sold pairs of panties online and I like taking calls about them too. I describe how long I?ve worn my underwear, what they?re made of (cotton holds the smell longest and strongest), and what I did while wearing them to make sure they were nice and smelly. Then I slip them off and present them to my panty loving guy and let him take a deep breath to inhale that arousing scent that makes his dick tingle with desire.


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Teen girl has a hungry pussy! Fill it with cock!

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I just had the best phone sex ever. My client played the role of my daddy while my boyfriend fucked me doggie style. It was so good. I got all wet from my boys big, hard dick and daddy got wet too haha. He just watched me and listened to me moaning. I looked straight into his eyes and then to his crotch and saw his hand on his dick. I smiled, bit my lower lip and kept on moaning, begging my boyfriend to make me come. And so I did, and so did daddy, hard.

Teen hottie Sunshine


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Teenage creampie



It’s so taboo to have?unprotected sex and that?s precisely what makes it so fucking hot. Yesterday I took a call with a guy that wanted to cum inside me and I was instantly wet. I asked him to describe his cock to me and dreamed of it plunging into my slippery hole and fucking me hard. I couldn?t hold back my moans as I dreamed of him flipping me over and pushing into me from behind while his hands held my hips tight for hard thrusting. I needed every inch of that big cock, but more than that I needed the hot creampie he was going to fuck into me. When he was done I couldn?t help but masturbate using his cum as lube.

Creampie my teen cunt



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Tiny titty torture phone sex

taboo teen phone sex

Hi there! My name is Shelby and I have tiny little titties that guys love to grab and play with, every once in a while I get a dominate guy who wants to go further than just grabbing and playing with them. That is why I am a part of this site, it is so extreme and taboo, all the calls here are really naughty and dirty, right up my alley! The way it should be! So when I get calls with guys who want to torture my tiny tits with knives and safety pins, of course I am going to be right on board!



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Dirty Anal Phone Sex to the max and extreme fuckers!

extreme fetishes


So you want some max hardcore type of shit? ?Some really nasty perverted anal phone sex with a naughty twist? ?I got your twist baby, I got your twist RIGHT HERE! ?LOL. ?I am the queen of anal and one call with me will prove it :). ?I love really dirty anal type of sex, I’m talking “stick your dick in my muddy waters” kind of anal sex lol. ?You know your into it and you know you want it, in fact that is what you were searching for when you found me, isn’t it? ?Well I’ve got it here for ya and I am bent over with my fingers up my asshole just pounding into this hot tight little ass for you, I want your dick out, I want it inside of me. ?I need your dick and I need your fucking cum inside me ass. ?I’m going to push out and show you the inside of my ass, and rose bud that shit until your dick is so hard it is twitching. ?Then I will let you spread it open and look inside until your dick is jumping and at that point, I want your dick in my ass.



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Really taboo phone sex with a nasty young girl

taboo teen phone sex


Am I nasty enough for you? ?I don’t know, you read what I have to say and you tell me! ?I have this really dirty fantasy with one of my callers where we do an extreme ageplay. ?He watches ?me for a long time and then finally he takes me, or should I say lures me into his home where he plays his hardest deepest fantasies on me and my tight body. ?I fought against it but he kept it up, finally I got on my knees and I sucked him off, then he stuck his cock in my tight virgin pussy and my tight virgin asshole and gave it to me so hard. ?I love every minute of it!



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BBW phone sex with Electra!

What’s up punks?  How we all doing today huh?

You looking for some chubby or bbw phone sex?  Some real kinky shit like scat, food, suffocation, or just huiliation/submission type stuff?  Well you not only came to the right place, but your looking at the right mother fucking gal!  I’ll do all that stuff and more, and I can’t wait to get on the phone with you so you can see how much of a kinky bitch I am.  I have literally no limits, I’ll go where most others don’t dare, just to turn you on and make you cum.


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Submissive pregnant teen phone sex

Hard to believe I’m pregnant huh dad!  I guess maybe you might have to teach me a lesson for having sex and getting pregnant.  What do you think?  I know you have been watching me for a long time, waiting for the time I hit a certian age and now that I am pregnant it makes it even better because there will be no way for you to get me pregnant while we fuck.  You can teach me a lesson every night daddy, teach me what it is like to be a “real” woman under a mans control and under his cock.  I mean, you can’t get me pregnant, I already am lol!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
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January 20, 2013   No Comments

Extreme Fetish phone sex

So I am naturally submissive and I have a super fetish dominate guy who loves to call me almost every week and talk to me about some cool shit.  I really get off on talking to him too, he is one of my favorite callers and I really do get off on what we talk about!

So he calls and loves to talk about me being a young hottie with a mother who is a crac head and sells me to him for crack.  We watch porn together on a site he is signed up to and we talk really nasty.  I love the phrases he tells me to repeat over and over so he can cum, and I do it just right so he blows his load extra hard.


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

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