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Hi there big papa. I'm Casey, a take no shit motorcycle mommy with a bitchy attitude and cunt that never ceases to stop giving. My old man and I were a part of a motorcycle gang where we did a lot of crazy shit. Man those were the days. Riding the bike out to no where and camping in the middle of the field, running shit back and forth from state to state, making money, going to diners. Unfortunately my old man and I are no longer together so, that left me in a crazy place sexually. I found myself fucking myself with toys and masturbating, eventually I started fucking random guys in bars. It got to the point where I just needed dick all the time and it wasn't good for me being in a different hotel room every night. I've got 2 sides to me. One side is the "Take care of your old man, hot woman in leather and latex" and the other side is a "mean mommy leather and latex." One of the hottest role plays for me is being a ultra mean bitchy mommy in leather and latex: Wiping, pinching, poking, and even putting my cigarette on your face. I am also into a few other things, look at my fetish list. Talk to you soon.

Mean mommy
Loves sex and porn