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Twisted? You don't even know the word twisted! I am the fucking meaning of a twisted Bitch Mistress. I will have you crawling on the floor with panties in your mouth crying for your mommy by the end of our call. You will be adicted to me because I tell you your addicted. You will call me over and over again while wondering in your head if you can handle me and what I do to you. The question is can you? I have expectations. Expectations that are to be meet in a timely matter, if they are not done in a timely matter you will pay with either your wallet, your cock, or your dignity. I enjoy money and lots of it, Mistress has a very lavish lifestyle and you will pay for it. I also enjoy humiliation, small cock bitches, bdsm, leather/latex play, toilet training, human ashtray, mumification, Financial domination, cbt, ignore line, key holding, and sissification.

Even from a teenage girl I had the domme gene embedded within me, like a seed needing water to grow, I needed some whimpy man bitch to come along and feed my dominate seed. In this instance my social studies teacher was the whore bitch that I needed. Constantly during class he would show several signs of weakness naturally I was a predator so I would easily sniff out submissive little bitches. Confirmation is all I needed that he was ready to service my gorgeous flawless feet. See there was a period of time almost were this little whimp was preparing himself applying the primmer, lubricating his ass for penetration. He already knew that I knew he was going to be my monkey, it was just time that he publicly acknowledged it. One day in class this little whore like all little whores at one point will test you and show a small insignificant sign of disobedience and my duty as your lord goddess mistress is to quickly reduce you back to spineless cowardness. He called me up to his desk, and stated that I looked good that day, the predator inside said dont allow this little pussy to get away with this. I quickly snatched his Whitney Houston cd off of his desk and snapped the stupid fucking thing in two and genitally placed it back on his desk. I said "look you spineless little pussyhole, if you are going to state how I look with out using the words flawless or perfection. I will grind your little cock and balls into burger meat, and eat it." and thats when it happened the pussyhole looked at me and said "I am so so sorry Ms.Brittney. you are perfection." I said "better." and walked off. Thats the first time I knew that all whimpy pussyholes will bow before my flawlessness. The definition of a domme is simple, to manipulate man or women, and absolute ownership of whimpy pussholes.

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stretching exercise
verbal abuse
sissy assignments

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