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Only 2 words describe me, TOTAL SLUT! I love being the life of a party, the party favor, or just "that girl"..the girl who never says no and always loves a good fucking. This website is totally perfect for me. I am always one way or the other, always to the extreme, never in the middle. That goes for my personal and my sex life. I guess you could say it all started out when I was like 21 (I'm 24 now), I started having girl on girl sex for the college guys on campus for extra money. I had a lot of fun and being that I am a total party girl I got free party favors if you know what I mean! I loved getting loaded and then fucking a girl in front of all the guys and playing with dildos to get them all off and the party going good. One day at one of the parties a guy came up to me, said he was one of the football frat boys father at the party and wanted to speak with me. He gave me his card and then left. The next day I totally called him and he told me about how he had this underground fetish club for sluts such as myself and wanted to know if I would be interested in joining. Of course I was, and of course I would be paid well too. I was so excited, I got another girl to come with me to this meeting so she could join too. When we walked in there were 9 guys seated at this oblong table and they immediately got down to business. First they said they had a strip club and that every night we would dance at the strip club and then after the club was closed was when the real festivities happened. Mmmm, I loved the thought off all these festivities!! Even though I can't tell you the type of things I do for these guys and the guys at the strip club, I can tell you they are the dirtiest things you have ever heard. I guarantee you have never heard dirtier stories from such slutty lips. Speak to you soon!

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Double Penetration
Cum drinking
Anal fucking
Wierd penetrations
Hard sex

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