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April Hello guys.. I am April a middle aged housewife with empty nest syndrome. I married very young and started having babies. My husband was 8 yrs my senior and I lived to serve and cater to him. My sisters teased me that my life was kinda extreme and very much a 1950's household. I gave everything to my family. I was always anticipating everyone's needs and giving them everything they needed and wanted. My husband being my first trained me to be just what he wanted. I was a lady in public always perfectly groomed makeup on, hair done, dressed like my husband preferred dresses stockings and heels..with something slutty underneath. Our sex life was normal to me... I didn't know that most husbands didn't like to shave there wives pussies, and dress them as little girls and fuck them with foreign objects... like the pstel from my kitchen; my marble morter and pstel was never the same after I felt the cool marble slide into my tight young cunt on the night of our first anniversary. What really turned me on was after he finished off the bottle of champagne he wanted to see how much I could take up my sweet shaved cunt. He fucked me with it till I came all over it and then stroked his cock as I licked it clean. When we where first married buying sex toys where not in our meager budget. He was a resourceful man..waste not want not he always said. If he thought my pussy would open wide for it he tried to fit it in there... But I think the biggest turn on for me ( besides his strong dominate nature) was that I was always to call him daddy after our first son was born.. even during sex. It just seemed so forbiden saying the words "oh daddy" as he fucked me. I was the most fulfilled housewife in the world. My friends all thought I was crazy. While they used disposable diapers and jarred baby food my back yard looked like an ocean scooner with rows and rows of sparkling white cloth diapers blowing in the summer breeze on the cloths line. And I canned my own baby food. My precious children all 4 of them would only have the best food. I took pride in being a very loving wife and mother. It was who I was born to be. Now that the children are grown and I lost my loving "daddy" 2 years ago. I feel kinda lost. I have tried to explore myself and find out who i am without my family. I have dabbled in being a switch... I have had a very sweet boyfriend about six months now. I enjoyed the power of treating him as my daddy treated me... I taught him that discipline was nessary when you where a bad boy ( He told me on our second date he was into the ABDL lifestyle) I almost broke it off right there.. i have raised my kids and changed my diapers.. oh hell no.. but when I saw how loving and affectionate he was when he was a baby..I kinda enjoyed it. He is considering retiring from his job soon and we are toying with the idea of him moving in with me and being my full time baby.. OMG that just seems so extreme. But he says his pension will take care of us nicely and we would still have plenty of money to spoil me a bit when he feels like being my "MAN" and taking me on trips and such. I am really blooming into an very adventurous woman and I am enjoying it. I am also learning about new fetishes that i have never heard of... did you know that SOME CONSIDER Escorting a fetish? Oh the though of having sex as an Escort is a bit of a rush... maybe I will try it and share my experience with you when you call. Role playing is also something I am getting into like naughty office sex, the seductress,the bimbo and the hooker just to name a few Other things I am exploring... . Pantyhose bobby socks balloon fetish clown fetish texture fetishes bachelor parties smoking cuckolding