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Sissy Punishment for dumb cross-dressing whores

This is another beloved form of porn for sissy men. Sissy and submissive men like to get punished. I get a lot of calls by men asking me to punish them. I ask them why they want to get punished. Have they been a bad boy? They usually say that they have been very bad. I tell them that naught boys get punished. How naughty have you been? Usually the caller starts to get excited at this point. The caller then told me “oh I have been very very naught”. I then tell him to take of hi clothes and imagine that he is with me. I tell him to imagine that I am tying his hands and legs. Once I am done, I start spanking his ass. I tell him to imagine that I am spanking his ass. The caller was enjoying all this. He told me he was stroking his cock while listening to my call so I told him that he should be punished for that as well. I told him to imagine that I have a stick with which I am beating his ass. I then told him to imagine that I sat him stomach down on my lap and started spanking him vigorously until his bottom turns extremely red. He was very excited and loved the punishment. I told him to say that he will not do it again and the caller replied every time in a painful voice that he will not do it again. I told the caller to imagine he is all tied up and I spit in his mouth and hold his balls tightly so that he feels pain. This was the last thing I told the guy before he told me that he had cum and disconnected the call.





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