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I need to get punch fisted in my ass!

Why hello there naughty pervs! ?Are you looking for a girl as dirty as you are, that can help you get off? ?Well that sweet sweet piece of ass your looking at above is me, and I am so ready to make your hot dream come true. ?Just like last nights call with B. ?B loves to hurt my sweet little ass. ?He loves it when I play a sweet and innocent geeky college student. ?He purposely gives me bad grades so I can make it up in sexual favors. ?This time B wants me to come to class in something other than my long geeky jeans and a T-shirt. ?He wants me to wear this slutty humiliating outfit to class. What do I do? ?Do I wear it and humiliate myself, or do I tell him no and lose all my scholarships and everything I’ve worked so hard for? ?I bet you know the answer to that! ?I turned into a slut REAL quick and gave up every one of my holes, and in return I got an A+++++. ?I think I might make this a habit lol.


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