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In High School I got pregnant and did not know who the father was nor care, I waited as long as possible and let as many guys bare back me as I could.  I had a brother that was a virgin, I had a girlfriend that would come over on Friday’s and sleep over, she was cute not as cute as me, with braces and bigger titts.  Alot times while she was spend time over at my house and she would let my brother grab and bare titts, alot of times she would just be on her cellphone and he would just feel them up for hours.  She would never allow him to touch anywhere else though, it was he same girl that told him I was pregnant, we were all in my bedroom one late afternoon my mother was watching jeopardy and wheel of fortune like she always did.  My younger brother was sitting on my bed when he asked me if preg I said yeah, so what I have been preg before I told him.  He asked me”how did you get preg?” he was old enough to know how girls got pregnant, I told him that I had sex with alot of guys and I let them cum in me.  I watched him as he bit his lower lip, than ask if it felt good, I said yes it feels amazing, I told him how i love to have cock in my pussy, and how I loved to make guys cum in me especially when they were older.  He than asked me if he could see the cum inside me, I told him no, that I had not been fucked for days that there probably wasnt anything in there except for wetness.  My girlfriend jumped in and says one time she had a guy fuck her and he came in her it felt like she was draining for days.  My brother than ask me if he could see, I said no not right now and not while my girlfriend is here, she than says to me “I have see your pussy before.”  I than said what ever I will make it quick so she closed my door and piled a bunch of my blankets in front of the door, I layed on the bed took my panties off and spread my legs wide, he got between my legs and stared.  He asked me i could open it so I did, than he asked if there was any cum inside so I took a finger and poked around, pulled it out than showed it to him.  He said “wow, that’s cum.”  I said no I think that is just me.  He asked if he could touch it, I said yes but to make it quick as he started to finger me I could not help how good it felt, as I started to moan, he told me that his dick was are and he would like to push it in me.  I said okay but he could not cum in me my girlfriend said its okay if he cums inside that i could not get pregnant again.  So I told him okay he could blow inside of me, she than walks over to the bed with no panties lays down next to me and says being that he is your little brother and all if you uncomfortable with him cumming inside you he can cum inside me if you want.

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