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taboo first time anal phone sex

Thereâ??s this stereotype of a fantasy phone actress, with guys thinking that weâ??ve had all kinds of sexual experiences.�  That may be true for some of my peers, but for me, Iâ??ve lived a slightly sheltered life.�  Oh, Iâ??ve had plenty of boyfriends and plenty of wild sex, but I have to confess I hadnâ??t experienced anal until just recently.�  It came about in a very surprising way, too.�  It was through one of my callers!


We were in the middle of this great role play, and I was so fucking horny that I was willing to do just about anything.�  He knew I was at that point, so he broke with the role play and told me he wanted me to try out anal for the first time over the phone with him.�  My first thought was yeah, then it was no!�  Nooo, I donâ??t want to try anal, and if I do, I donâ??t want it to be over the phone!�  Iâ??d rather it be with someone, so I can feel his dick inside me.

But this caller and I have had such great times on the phone, and he got me so horny in our role play, so I thought Iâ??d go for it.�  I took the dildo out of my pussy, lubed it up some more, and then slowly eased it into my ass.�  My caller suggested I play with the outside of my ass for a little bit, So I did, and it felt amazing!�  I had so much fun playing with my ass and now I am a nasty anal phone sex whore!


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