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I want a hot cock, but not my husbands!


A man called me the other day, telling me all about how he liked how mature I looked, and how he knew that I would be the kind of woman in bed who knew exactly what I wanted. And it’s true– I’m well-seasoned and I know what I want. So when he called and told me all about how he wanted to fuck a woman with a soft stomach but that still had hot and curvy tits, I knew that I was just what he needed.
He told me all about how he loved the idea of fucking older women, about how he loved seeing the slight wrinkles on my face and how my ass had a slight sag to it. He wanted to grab it so tight and massage it until I was moaning long and low for him. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter every time he talked about what he wanted to do with me.
He wanted to come into my house when my kids were at soccer practice and find me in the kitchen, wearing a tight little housewife dress with an apron. And then he wanted to crowd me against the counter after I put the pie in the oven and pick me up so that he could roll my dress up, leaving my dripping wet pussy open and easy on the counter. He pulled my hair and pushed his cock into me, and it was so hard and big, and I couldn’t remember the last time a man’s cock had filled me up so good. When I told him that, he just laughed and said that it was because I hadn’t had good, young dick in too long.
While he fucked into me and squeezed my tits, I licked at his ear and whispered quietly all the dirty things I wanted him to do to me before my husband came home. I told him all about how desperate I was for a good fuck, about how my husband was always too busy to take care of me the way I wanted him to. He grunted about how he would push into me deeper when I said those things, and I could feel how wet and slick and open I was for him just at hearing those words.
That’s not all I whispered to him. I knew how much he liked the fact that I was
experienced, that I knew what I wanted and that I knew how to get it. I told him all the ways I liked to get off, all the ways guys had fucked me in the past and made me cum without my husband ever really knowing what a dirty slut I was. But, out of all of them, his cock would be by far the best, I told him.


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College coed loves naughty panty sniffer!


A man called me the other day, and was so quick to tell me what he wanted. It was so obvious about what how desperate he was. I’m a young student, just starting my college career. And he wanted to be my roommate, caught rooting through my the top drawer of my dresser, his hands wrapped around my sexiest pair of red lacy panties which he had pressed to your face. I’ve never seen a man look so pathetic as when he fell on the floor begging for me to forgive him, but I could tell at the same time that all he wanted to do was keep on sniffing my panties. And I was already willing to bet he wanted to wear them himself too.
I’m not going to lie– I loved getting to talk about all my different panties with him. About how soft and silky they are, about how hot I look in them. I wanted to tell him about how they pull up into my slit and are covered in my pussy juices. And I want him to tell me about how good they smell and taste. And once he saw how good they look on me, and he told me, I’d let him try them on too. And I bet he would look so good in them, too.
I knew he would look so pathetic and cute in my lacy pink panties. Like a good little boy, just waiting and begging for me to tell him what to do. And I loved it. I bet I could have put him in my panties and make him look like such a dirty little princess, all desperate and lustful, hoping someone would fuck him and not laugh at him for wearing my pink panties. I won’t wash them either, so they’ll still smell like my juicy cunt.
I wanted him to feel good in my panties. And honestly, I like seeing guys’ hard cock pushing up through pretty, lacy panties. I want to make them wear panties all day, so they’re stuck with how good they feel and how horny they make men, but you’re not allowed to get off or even touch yourself until you come back to me and I say you’re allowed to.
When the man called me earlier and told me how badly he wanted to sniff my panties. I’d wear them for as long as he wanted. I’d sleep and work and sweat in them, so they’d smell nice and strong for him. I wanted him to taste them too, licking up my juices and knowing how strong I taste means how strongly I want. And I wanted him to wear them, too. He would tell me how sexy he felt, secretly, walking around in my girly panties with his hard cock pushing up against the lace. I bet you’d look so fucking sexy in my panties too. As a young college student, I’m horny all the time, and knowing that my roommate was wearing my panties while feeling so hot and sexy, made me want to see other boys in so desperate and horny for my panties so bad.


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This cock-hungry, sissy whore gets it in her anal-pussy, good and hard!


I’m always playing with myself on the calls, there’s just something that makes my fingers find their way to my clit. I love knowing that while I’m playing with that swelling bud and soaking through my papanties – if I’m wearing any – that she’s there, doing exactly as I say. She’s weak. Totally at my mercy. I’m in control.

When you get a sissy on call it’s so good. I get to give the orders, I get to insult and mock. I’m getting me off. This isn’t about her pleasure now, it’s all about me. And this sissy slut is going to give it to me. She’s paying for me to get off. When she cums that will be his payment, if she’s a good girl.
I start talking, start demanding.

“Grip your tiny clit tug on it. Harder, harder. You better be wet. Urgh, uselsss. How is this meant to get me off? Come on, put the phone there.” She does and I hear the squelch, squelch, squelch. Shit she must ,be pretty new to this because she’s as wet as a virgin. Except, I know she’s not a virgin because I make her finger herself deep – right down to the knuckle joint until she’s whimpering and apologizing. I haven’t said she can cum yet.
“But I’m fingering my g spot, I can’t hold it. I’m sorry uh I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry mistress. Learn your place.”

That tips her over the edge.

“Y-yes mistress.” Her voice cracks as her pussy quivers. She’s panting down the phone, a whimper still in her throat and I can tell from here she’s just flopped like a ragdoll, probably still inside herself.
It’s satisfaction for now. So I reward her with the thing her needy, obedient ass craves.

“Good girl.”

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Ever hear of the Bukkake fetish? For those of you with cum obsessions, read this!


My job is always so much fun, but sometimes a client’s call will really get me wet. They say you shouldn’t take your job home with you; sometimes though you can’t help be spread your legs, curl your fingers into your cunt and give it to yourself deep while thinking of that one extra special call.
Last Friday I had a call that really hit my sweet spot – bukkake.
So this guy calls me and tells me he wants to shoot his load in my dirty mouth, which as you can imagine, has me nipping my thighs together and tingling between the legs.

I closely eyes and I start talking.

“Mmm are you going to gloss my tongue or pour it down my throat?”
And he tells me, “both, I’ll fill your mouth three times over.”

I love the taste of cum. In fact, I love everything about it. I run my tongue over my lip and I tell him I’m imagining catching that thick, sticky liquid on the tip of my tongue. I want to catch every drop. Taste the salty sweetness and the tang on my taste buds. The flavor, even the mere thought of it, has me salivating.

I’m drooling then, from the mouth and the cunt, dripping my juices with the smell of sex filling the air.

“You’re salivating?” he asks.

“Oh yeah, but that’s good right? It’ll help you glide your thick meat right into my throat. Ghg ghg ghg.” They always love the gagging noise, and I love imagining the nip of my throat as they go in. There’s something so delicious, so intoxicating, about having a cock so far choked back that you can smell his natural musk, feel his bristles on your nose and most importantly, feel that hot liquid trickle down my throat.

Fuck, I love cum. I could drink it down all day. Pre-cum dripping off my lips, a mouth so full of his ejaculate that it spills out and I’m licking up every drop, savouring that spunk. Just, fuck. I’m going to need to finger myself after finishing this blog.

The best part of my job? Knowing that while he’s talking to me, his cock is in his hand – hot and hard. I picture him spilling his spunk. Knowing I did that, that there’s a throbbing boner putting out ribbon after ribbon of the best tasting milk in the world, that’s the hottest part of my job. And yes, that moan as he came was real, because I came too.


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Worship my hot gorgeous body – it’ll do a submissive man like you good!


Submissive men love to worship the body of dominant females. As a phone sex operator I get calls for a lot of different sex scenarios however body worshipping is a very common one. When I get calls regarding a body worshipping scenario I tell the guy to imagine that he is my slave and I am his owner. I tell him to imagine my beautiful body from head to toe. I tell him imagine each and every part including my pussy and ass. Most guys usually respond with Oh that’s the best ass or best body I have ever seen. I then tell them that each and every part of my body is sacred for them and that they have to worship it. The guys usually respond with oh yes I am your slave and I will always worship your body. I tell them to worship my ass, my pussy and my boobs. I tell him to imagine that he is licking my ass and putting his tongue inside my asshole. Guys usually get very excited at this point and ask for more. This is when I tell them to lick my pussy and feel honored by it. I tell them it is a very sacred thing for them so they have to make sure they lick it good otherwise they will never get to lick it again. This is when guys start to feel truly humiliated and say oh no I will always worship your body as it deserves to be worshipped.


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Looking for Shemale play? I am the one you’ve been looking for!


As a phone sex operator I get a lot of calls from married women who are not satisfied sexually by their husbands. I got a call today from a middle aged woman. She told me that she is married but wants me to show her what a real man can do. I told her to imagine that I am her husband’s boss and that text a lot behind you husband’s back. I then told her to imagine that I asked her out on date and she accepted. After the date instead of dropping her to her house I took her to my place. The woman got really excited to hear all this. I told her to imagine that when we were at my place drinking wine her husband called and she just cut the call giving him no importance at all. She was actually feeling happy that her husband was being humiliated in such way. I told her to imagine that while she was drinking I took the glass from her and put it on side and took her to my bedroom. Then I took off all her clothes and started kissing passionately and touching her body all over. Then I told her to imagine that I pushed her on the bed n got on top of her. The woman on the call asked me if I am going to use a condom and I said no way. I then told her to imagine that we had sex while her husband kept ringing her mobile phone. I told her to imagine talking to her husband on the call while I was licking her pussy. She started moaning after this and that is when I knew that she was done.

Shemale Daisy



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Lesbian | Older man fantasy with a hot young girl caller!


I don’t normally get calls from woman, but when I do, I really enjoy them. See, I am bi-sexual and I love both men and woman. I could just as easily eat a pussy as I could choke on a huge dick. I recently got a call from a young girl who sounded like she must be in her early twenties. She called and the first question she asked me was about my age. I received the call and she said how old are you? So I replied with I am as old as you want me to be. So she told me she is 21 years old and likes guys who are around 50. So I replied with “well, then you are in luck because I am 49”. She spontaneously replied with “then what are you waiting for, come satisfy me in my bedroom” I told her to imagine that I am her father’s friend. She got excited just hearing that. I told her to imagine that I am a guest at their house and that her father had to rush out for some office work. So that leaves you and me alone in the house. I told her to imagine that both of us are sitting on the couch and suddenly I make a move towards her. I start kissing her passionately. She told me oh yes I would love to have that happen to me in real life. I told her to imagine that I am putting my tongue in her mouth while my hands are opening the zipper of my pants. She replied with “I love to suck an old dick so open that zipper fast”. I then told her to imagine that I pushed her head down and made her suck my dick. I told her that she is so beautiful that she made an old guy’s dick hard. She was very excited to hear all this so we ended the scenario with letting her imagine that I came in her mouth.

MILF Casey the mean and lesbian mommy!
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Calling all tiny penis, sissy losers. Goddess is here and happily degrading that tiny worm.


There is nothing more humiliating for a guy than to have a small cock. However small cock humiliation is a very popular sexual practice. As a phone sex operator I often get calls from submissive guys who want to experience small cock humiliation. So I start by telling these guys that they are worth nothing. Their dick is so small that they hardly qualify as men. I tell them that their dick is so small that they only need their thumb and two fingers to stroke it off. A lot of callers keep asking for more humiliation so I tell them that their cock needs to be locked away. I tell them that such a small cock is of no use so it is better to lock it up. I make them imagine their cock in front of a big hard cock so that they feel more submissive and humiliated. I tell them that “real men have larger cocks and people like you who have smaller dicks shouldn’t even be called men”. Whenever a guy calls for small cock humiliation, I tell him that if you were my boyfriend I would talk about your dick with my friends and laugh all day long. The guys usually start to moan at this time so I tell them that they should start stroking their small cock if they can because with such a small cock a man can never satisfy a woman, he can only satisfy himself.

Goddess Maya
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Hot lesbian bukkake call – my first girl on girl call, and it was hot!


I got a call today from a girl who wanted me to do a bukkake and cum eating scenario. She sounded like someone who is passionate about the practice. She wanted me to do a scenario where 3 guys use her as a cum dumpster. I told her to imagine that she is my girlfriend and I am his boyfriend. After that I tell her to imagine that I come home with a friend of mine who has a really big dick and we plan on having a threesome. I tell her to get on her knees once we are done fucking her ass and pussy. The callers start feeling very sexy at this time. I tell them that it is time for me and my friend to use your third hole for our enjoyment as well. This is when I tell her to imagine that me and the other guy are stroking their cocks near her face while she sits there on her knees anxiously waiting for us to dump our cum in her. While we stroke our cocks, we also put it in her mouth for enhanced experience. Once we are ready to ejaculate, we do it on her face and in her mouth. I tell her that she has to take the cum down her throat. The callers that are passionate about cum eating would always say that they would take all the cum in their mouth happily. I make her imagine that she should take all the cum that fell on her face or chest, and take it in her mouth as well.


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Extreme Oral sex scenario with a fetish – cock sucking – queen


As a phone sex operator, I get call from guys asking for different scenarios. However one of the most popular scenario amongst men is the Oral Sex. Men love to give and receive oral sex. I often get calls from guys and even girls asking for an amazing oral sex experience and I make sure that they get it. I tell them to imagine that I am taking off their pants. After which I make them imagine that I am spitting on their cock and stroking it hard. I then tell them to imagine that I am sucking their cock and making it wet with my spits. If the caller likes to eat ass I also involve a little rim job in my call. I tell them that I would love to move my tongue around your ass ring. This really turns them on. I also take the other approach by telling the caller to stick his tongue inside my ass and taste it. If the caller says that he likes to eat pussy then I add that in the call as well. I tell the caller that I would push his head against my pussy and make him lick it like his life depends on it. This is a huge turn on for guys who love to experience oral sex. I tell them that I would not only make them see heaven while I suck their cock I will also take the cum in my mouth and swallow it. Most callers moan and cum when they hear all this.

Chastity – The cock chugging whore

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