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Jade shares her stinky panty fantasy with a caller


taboo phone sex

Girls aren?t wild about sharing this detail, but it only takes a few days of wear for our panties to get stinky. Luckily, I have guys that love the smell of my stinky panties and I get to share them. I?ve sold pairs of panties online and I like taking calls about them too. I describe how long I?ve worn my underwear, what they?re made of (cotton holds the smell longest and strongest), and what I did while wearing them to make sure they were nice and smelly. Then I slip them off and present them to my panty loving guy and let him take a deep breath to inhale that arousing scent that makes his dick tingle with desire.


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I’ll take all your rape and incest calls please!



Incest is often referred to as a taboo subject, but I welcome calls on the subject and I happily delve into the pleasured offered by crossing that boundary. I enjoyed a brother/sister session with a caller recently and it was intoxicating. I was in bed as he slipped into my room and under the covers. We?d been flirting and teasing in ways we shouldn?t have and this was the ultimate culmination of our mutual desires. He slipped a hand in my panties and found me already we from the thrill of my brother being in bed with me. I couldn?t wait to wrap my hand around his cock, to stroke him to life, and to take him into my pussy until he came.


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Alien impregnation fantasy role play



There?s no such thing as a weird fantasy, at least as far as I?m concerned. I love calls of any kind, including a recent phone encounter with a guy that wanted to talk about alien impregnation. He wanted a tale of how I had been abducted and inseminated by creatures from another planet and I was thrilled to come up with something for him. It was sexy and surprisingly arousing to think of an alien taking me up into its ship and filling my womb with its seed, leading to a pregnancy. He wanted to hear about the birth too, what it looked like and felt like and I was happy to fill his ears with a wild tale.


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Cream pie’s and pregnancy with little miss Natalie



Jim has a pregnancy fantasy and every time he calls he wants to talk about it. He loves the idea of knocking me up and it really turns me on to whisper sweet nothings into his ear about filling me with his seed and leaving a baby inside. I tell him to get me pregnant, to knock me up, to give me his baby and let me spend nine months growing it inside my womb. I beg him to cum inside me, to spray his semen on the walls of my uterus and make sure that they reach my eggs and leave me pregnant with his offspring. I want his baby and I love that it turns him on so much to fill me with baby making cum.


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Dani, YOUR CBT Mistress from hell


pregnancy fetish

Sometimes I like to be a cruel mistress, especially when I have a chance to deliver a CBT session to a sub. I had a recent in-person play session with a masochist that willingly offered his cock and balls for a long torture session and when it was over I was tingling with excitement from head to toe. Most guys require bondage before I can abuse them but he was happy to submit. He put his hands behind his back and stood tall while I kicked him hard in the balls. He doubled over in pain and I laughed in delight. Then I unpacked my torture kit and informed him it was going to be a long night with lots of suffering for his prized possessions.


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Desiree takes your forced fantasy calls and cums to it.



I love pushing my boundaries and trying crazy new things when I talk to my callers, which is why I was happy to try a forced sex fantasy with a new guy. He dreamed of taking me back to his place after a date for a hot and heavy make out session that he thought would end in fucking. I wasn?t interested though and tried to push him off of me. That?s when the real fun started as he spread my legs apart, pulled off my panties, and slid his cock inside me. I was wet from the kissing and he slipped in with ease. He was just too big to push off of me so I took it and eventually those deep thrusts felt so good that I couldn?t resist. I couldn?t help but cum.


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Chastity and key holding with dominate Hazel



Boys are so much better behaved when they?re in chastity, which is why I love locking them up and holding the key. One of my favorite callers is a chastity boy and he wears his device loyally, only letting himself out when I give permission. I?ve trained him so well. When we began our chastity sessions he couldn?t help but cheat and I always made him spank himself when he did. The pain eventually taught him it?s not worth it and now he spends most of his days locked up. Sometimes I?ll let him out but lock him back up before he has a chance to cum, which is the cruelest form of chastity play. That?s why I love it.

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Piercings are my game, pain is my pleasure.


whore phone sex

I love describing my body piercings and the fun I have with them to a caller. A recent guy (who sounded really sexy) wanted to hear all the details and I was thrilled to regale him. One of my favorite things is going braless in a tight tee shirt so my nipple piercings show through. He loved hearing that. People always stare and guys tend to hit on me because they have a feeling it means I?m a naughty girl and they?re right about that. They make my nipples really sensitive too, so getting my tits sucked on is so much more arousing. The same goes for my clit piercing, which makes a guy?s tongue rubbing over my pussy so much hotter.


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Cream pie’s in my mouth


titty torture phone sex

Sometimes I get a call with a guy asking me to share one of my fantasies, no matter what it is, and I like to share my desire to swallow lots of hot cum with them. It?s the thing that turns me on the most and that I always fantasize about. I want to be in the middle of a big group of guys that?s jerking off and collect all their jizz in a glass. I want so much cum in that glass that it?s hard to fathom. I want it to be brimming and then I want to pour it down my throat while they all watch. I want to feel my tongue coated with thick semen and to know that the loads of dozens of guys are sitting in my stomach and that I?ve been a good cum slut.


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Adult baby gets roughed up by mommy Casey



I firmly believe in sissy ABDL play with a strong femdom vibe. Baby boys need a strong hand to guide them and mommy will be strict and even mean if he misbehaves. In a recent session a baby boy made a mess in his diaper far too early and he needed to be spanked to learn that he had been a bad boy. He didn?t do what mommy told him to do and made mommy change him before she was ready. When mommy is in control she has very strict rules and he had to be dressed up like a sissy baby after that in his cute little dress with pink ruffles. It was so embarrassing but he looked so cute and feminine.


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