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Posts from — April 2014

fetish teen domination phone sex

fetish phone sex


Stretch my ass out, really really far, and look inside, what do you see? ?A big pile of shit, waiting to blow all over your face! ?Well, you did call me for fetish domination now, didn’t you? ?I fact I remember you saying that you wanted and needed a hot girls shit all over you and to take advantage of you with my ass, you wanted to me my toilet slave didn’t you? ?Well now your going to get exactly what you want. ?I am going to crawl up on your face and shit in your face, fucking shit right in your face! ?While I am in the process of doing that, I am going to open up your own asshole and shove a big dildo right up in your fuck hole and fuck your tight little ass until you shit all over yourself.


The fetish princess!


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Extreme anal fucking and anal gaping phone sex

extreme fetishes


I have this dude who loves to call me for the most extreme anal penetration you can think of! ?He wants my ass so big and open that you can stick a rhino horn inside of it lol. ?I love taking calls like this because I do really enjoy anal. ?It’s a funny think because most girls don’t do it or are scared of it but I ONLY want anal, all the time! ?Lots and lots of anal. ?It makes me cum harder and I even want to get to a point where I can fist my ass. ?He talks about wanting to fist my asshole with both his hands and open it so wide that he can shove a bowling ball inside of my ass. ?I even like it when he says he is going to leave me on a flag pole with it in my ass and just fuck me with it, mmmm K you are so dirty!



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BBW phone sex with Ember

bbw phone sex


I happen to be a BBW and a fetish lover! ?I love all things fetish and taboo, I can get really nasty when I want to be, and I don’t really like to tone it down, so if you are vanilla you probably shouldn’t call me. ?I can’t stand vanilla sex, yuck! ?Give me fetish, give me taboo, give me the real nasty nasty stuff like scat and face sitting. ?In fact I had a guy call tonight about face sitting, which is actually a big fetish in the bbw community :). ?I talked about sitting on his face and making his dick really hard and rubbing it with my hand making it even harder. ?Eventually while I was sitting on his face and suffocating him, he came, and he came HARD! ?Talk to you boys soon.




April 6, 2014   No Comments

Taboo emo phone sex with a nasty whore

emo phone sex


Hello perverts of all kinds! ?My name is Echo and I am a open minded incredibly taboo slut. ?I talk about things that I probably shouldn’t be posting on the blog, I am so taboo I could possibly even make you blush lol, if that is possible! ?Because I bet you are into some pretty sick shit too aren’t you? ?I love things like snuff play, blood, fantasy torture, it all gets me off being a victim to your big dick and getting you to cum. ?Call me anytime, I am almost always on.


Ask for Echo

April 3, 2014   No Comments

Anal gaping phone sex

fetish phone sex


Yeah boy, you like that anal gape, don’t you? ?You like it when I take my big fucking king kong dildo and shove it up that god damned little fuck hole of yours, don’t you? ?You don’t have to answer me right away babe, no worries, I know you want that dick, even though your mouth is taped up and your hands are tied behind your back, I know you want that fucking dick…and then you know what is coming AFTER the strap on? ?My fucking fist bitch!!




April 2, 2014   No Comments