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Posts from — February 2014

Nipple and anal torture phone sex

torture phone sex

Hi boys! ?I bet you love this curvy fun loving, sex craving hottie you see right here on your screen, now don’t you? ?Well that is me, Glory, and I am here to share something super kinky with ya’ll!! ?I mean, we all like kink, right? ?That is what we are all here for bitches! ?I got this amazingly hot call the other day that turned me on and got me real hot and bothered real quick lol. ?He wanted to torture my ass and my nipples. ?He took needles and stuck them inside my nipples, and pulled on them, made my bleed a little bit. ?All while I was masturbating on the phone with him with some mutual masturbation 😉 wink wink! ?Then he started sticking huge stuff up my ass! ?I mean HUGE stuff up my ass! ?Yes it hurt, BUT, with my hole as big as it is already, he was gaping it and it turned me on. ?He then forced a bat up my ass while he fucked my incredibly tight pussy and came inside of me.




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CBT Phone sex with Mistress Marlow!

cbt phone sex


CBT Phone sex, is that what you are looking for? ?To get your dick and balls fucked the hell out by a pretty dominate girl like myself? ?Because if that is what you are looking for then I would be glad to give it to you! ?Oh yes, you got that right! ?I LOVE to fuck up dick and balls, really bad, so stupid pricks like yourself! ?The funny thing is that most men think that the only kind of guy that is getting his dick and balls fucked up is the kind of guy with a small dick, but that simply isn’t true. ?I have one specific guy that I enjoy to fuck up and he has quite a big cock! ?Oh yes, we get on cam together and I watch him beat his dick and balls up really hardcore, then I make him lock it up because he isn’t allowed to masturbate unless I give him permission too. ?Mmmm I love talking to that little submissive piggy!

Mistress Marlow

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Really taboo phone sex with a nasty young girl

taboo teen phone sex


Am I nasty enough for you? ?I don’t know, you read what I have to say and you tell me! ?I have this really dirty fantasy with one of my callers where we do an extreme ageplay. ?He watches ?me for a long time and then finally he takes me, or should I say lures me into his home where he plays his hardest deepest fantasies on me and my tight body. ?I fought against it but he kept it up, finally I got on my knees and I sucked him off, then he stuck his cock in my tight virgin pussy and my tight virgin asshole and gave it to me so hard. ?I love every minute of it!



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Anal Phone Sex creampie

Cheap phone sex

I love nasty anal phone sex! ?Especially with a bigger girl like me, we have lots of surprises up our little assholes that will turn you on and make you want more! ?I would love to seduce you while I bend over the bed and have you take your cock and shove it up my ass. ?Maybe we have had some party favors and are really really high and nasty! ?You shove that large cock up my ass and start fucking me really hard, maybe even getting a little scat on your cock, you get so turned on looking at that scat that you cum inside my ass and leave me the nicest warmest anal creampie. ?At that point I suck your dick clean and we go back to our party favors mmmm!



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