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Posts from — December 2011

Extreme Punishment Enema Phonesex

Your extreme phone sex Mommy is going to make you cry.
You can’t run, you can’t hide, it’s time for your punishment enema.
Strip off all your clothes.
Get into the bathroom.
See that two and a half quart bulging enema bag?
That’s only the beginning of your extreme punishment enema.
The?big black nozzle is bigger than any butt plug you’ve ever seen.
Stand on that towel.
Hear the pop of the Vaseline jar as your extreme phone sex mommy opens it.
Bend over, and feel Mommy’s finger lubing your resisting asshole.
Let the cramping begin.
Call Maya.
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December 18, 2011   No Comments

Your a slut and you know it

I’m a slut and i know it, last night i spoke to one of my favorites Princess Taylor mmmmmm what a delicious delight, us girls like to talk it up and talk about all the scandal that is currently going on in our slutty skanky sex crazed lives.  Princess taylor a fabulous petite sissy bitch, constantly has someone banging that tight little pussy of hers, she is?currently fucking some chocolate she claims he isn’t the biggest chocolate bar, but how he likes to get rough and beat it up real good.    It seems to me that its only a matter of time until princess taylor gets bored with her boy toy and moves on to another big bull dick, being she cant keep her little pussy and mouth off cocks.




December 11, 2011   No Comments

Extreme Humiliation Phonesex with Mistress Maya

You are such a fucking cock sucking loser.
Is it really any wonder that you haven’t felt your wife’s (or anyone else’s) cunt in years?
All you can do is wank your inferior, pathetic, phone sex humiliation addicted small penis while you beg for the degradation that only your femdom humiliation?mistress provides.
My period is coming (and I blame your worthless fetish phonesex small cock having ass), and you are in for an extra dose of fetish phonesex humiliation.
I see you for what you are, loser, and that’s a walking, talking, wallet.
Now call me.
1 888 854 8836

December 9, 2011   No Comments

Extreme Taboo Succubus Phonesex

As you sleep, you can feel me.
That sweet depraved reek of demonic seductive filth that my pussy gives off in spades.
As you slowly wake, you see that seductive succubus with my brimstone scented hair, alabaster skin, and dangerously fleshy body.
As you see me materialize in front of you in your bed, your eyes are drawn to my black tinged nipples, long pale from the depths of Hell legs, and most of all that fat juicy demonic pussy dripping that hypnotically seductive sweet reek of evil.
You are unable to resist my fatal lure.
You are helpless to deny my will.
This demon succubus will torture you, blackmail you, humiliate you HGH, and castrate you, and you will do anything for more pain, humiliation, attention.
As I spread my demonic succubus sin tinged pussy, you helplessly drink in the sight of my long white fingers with blood tipped nails slide in and out of that filthy depraved cunt, and watch as I suck the sweet black tinged pussy juice off my fingers, knowing you need to run before I own your soul.
It’s hopeless.
The only thing that matters is the succubus in front of you, taunting you, toying with you, readying for the seduction that will tear your soul apart.
Mistress Maya commands you.
Extreme Taboo Succubus Phonesex.
1 888 584 8836

December 4, 2011   No Comments

Extreme Sissification with Mistress Chelsea

Is there anything you blackmail loving sissy sluts won’t do for your sweet little big titty blond mistress?
I love putting you into my cummy panties, making you go on cam for me while I watch you suck a big fat dildo.
Making you strip out of my dirty panties and making you fuck those panties on the floor while screaming “Mistress Chelsea owns me! Mistress Chelsea owns me!” puts the biggest smile on my pretty face.
Pimping out your sissy faggot ass for a few HGH pennies, watching you suck cock, getting into your head so I can get into your wallet, making you get on the pole and shake that gaping sissy ass, these are all things that Mistress Chelsea’s school for sissy sluts teaches little secret forced bi cocksuckers to perform.
Daily hormone injections will have you getting big perky titties like I have in no time, Sissy.
I own you Sissy, lock stock and pretty sissy cock.
Call me.
Mistress Chelsea for Extreme Sissification Phonesex.
1 888 854 8836

December 4, 2011   No Comments