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Posts from — March 2009

Uni-sex phone sex

I got a really cool call today.  It was from a guy who has uni-sex fantasies.  He molded my tits with another girls tits, then my pussy with another girls pussy, so he had two pussies and 4 tits to fuck.  I had to act like I didn’t like it and as if I was horrified that I was being connected with this other girl, but to tell you the truth I really liked it!  Call me for the wierd phone sex, I love it :).


March 22, 2009   No Comments

extreme abuse phone sex

I’m going to tie you up and then pimp you out.  You heard what I said, I’m going to abuse your asshole by sticking as many cocks in it as I can.  How many do you think we can fit in there? 2? 3? 4?  I am going to push your limits, I am going to make you cry, I want to spread your ass out so far apart that there is no going back.  Your asshole is going to be gaping for the rest of your life!  Your going to have a nasty gaping asshole because of me!

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March 22, 2009   No Comments