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Roxy – The origin of nasty play – Dirty filthy panty role play phone sex


perverted phone sex

Why hello there boys! ?Especially to one “boy” in particular who is reading this blog and jacking his cock off thinking about what nasty things could be coming out of my mouth in the next few sentences. Well… I can guarantee I will not disappoint.

So I am sitting here on my couch, and my fish smelled perfumed cunt has been leaking all over this couch for so many months that the couch it’s self smells like my lovely fish hole. ?I can’t help but get off my sexy ass and smelly cunt, and bend over to smell and thoroughly enjoy that rancid smell permeating my condo. ?It’s not just turning me on, it’s driving me insane.

I know I promised you I wouldn’t touch this delicious cunt until you called, but I have to! ?I will touch it, tease it, sniff it, lick my fingers clean, I just won’t allow myself to cum. ?Mmmmm. ?Oh yes, I will be bursting at the rim, but will not “burst” sort of speak.



toilet fetish phone sex

I bend over the couch, and I sniff and sniff and sniff until my nose hurts. ?Long deep breaths of that nasty scent that brings us both so close over the phone. ?I find myself unintentionally sticking my tongue out, without realizing it, and licking the very place I was sitting watching television. ?I can’t help it, it tastes so deliciously rotten and warm. ?As if I stuck a fish up in it months ago and the stench is?just forcing it’s way out now. ?I start to move my fingers down to that nasty, dirty, filthy cunt that we both love so much and I start touching. ?Finding my way through all the filth and plastered on yellow gook stuck to the outside of my lovely fish hole.


extreme phone sex

I touch that orange wax plastered clit, and arch my back in ecstasy thinking of you with your big juicy cock rubbing up and down my filthy holes while I beg you to rape me. ?Yes, I beg and beg and beg until your instincts kick in and you get that animalistic rage in your eyes, and you force your cock inside every one of my holes and rape them with intense pleasure.



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Melina takes it in all holes




Some guys are a little shy about saying what they want, but Mark was up front about wanting to double penetrate me. As soon as the call started he was out there with it, telling me about how he and his friend were going to fuck my pussy and ass at the same time and fill me like I?d never been filled before. I told him I love a big dick double penetration the most so I can really feel stretched like a slut. I like to sit on one guy with my wet pussy and invite the other to take my ass from behind and fuck me hard. When they?re ready to cum I want both guys to pull out and cover my face in their hot spunk, leaving me soaked and feeling like a total slut.



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Nylons and more Nylons!



I?ve always understood guys with a nylon fetish because I have a special affection for wearing stockings and pantyhose. I love how soft and smooth they feel, the way they brush together when I walk, and the way they drive some men wild with lust. When I take a nylon fetish call, like I did last week, I like to get into every little detail to thrill my caller. He wanted to hear about the entire process, starting with picking out my favorite pair for him and slowly pulling them up my legs while reveling in how good the soft material feels against my freshly shaved skin. I let him caress them too so he could live his fetishistic desires.


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Echo and her naughty adventures



Naughty Anal phone sex is my favorite type of phone sex! ?Whether you like it in your ass or you want to put it in my ass. ?I have a sissy who called me last night who loves it when I force him to masturbate for me, and while I watch I dildo my ass to tease him until he is about to cum. ?I tell him he’s not allowed to cum yet. ?Finally I allow him to fuck my ass, while I have my whore best friend sitting next to us, so he can pull his dick out of my ass and blow a huge load all over her face.

Have a naughtier role play? ?I want to hear all about it!






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Cammie loves older men for fetish play



I?ve never really been able to explain it, but I absolutely love older guys. Some of my college friends find it gross, but when I get a call from an older man I instantly get wet between the legs. I love his weathered voice, his deeper and naughtier desires, and the confidence that years of sexual experience give him. I love being the object of his affection and telling him all about how I?d suck his cock and balls until he was good and ready and then offer my young body for his pleasure. If he doesn?t want to do any work I?ll happily ride his cock bare and take every inch into my pussy before he fills me with his seed.


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Marlow forces you to fuck a K9



I love extreme fetish play and recently enjoyed a long conversation with a submissive that asked me to force him to get fucked by a dog. His fantasies of K9 play had become so overwhelming that he had to call and live them out with me. No one goes willingly into something like this, so of course he resisted. He knows it?s a filthy thing to get fucked in the ass by a dog, but eventually he was naked on his hands and knees and waiting for it. He was waiting to be mounted and filled with the cock of a furry creature. I made sure he was knotted and unable to disengage until the K9 had its fill of him and filled him with seed.


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Jade shares her stinky panty fantasy with a caller


taboo phone sex

Girls aren?t wild about sharing this detail, but it only takes a few days of wear for our panties to get stinky. Luckily, I have guys that love the smell of my stinky panties and I get to share them. I?ve sold pairs of panties online and I like taking calls about them too. I describe how long I?ve worn my underwear, what they?re made of (cotton holds the smell longest and strongest), and what I did while wearing them to make sure they were nice and smelly. Then I slip them off and present them to my panty loving guy and let him take a deep breath to inhale that arousing scent that makes his dick tingle with desire.


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I’ll take all your rape and incest calls please!



Incest is often referred to as a taboo subject, but I welcome calls on the subject and I happily delve into the pleasured offered by crossing that boundary. I enjoyed a brother/sister session with a caller recently and it was intoxicating. I was in bed as he slipped into my room and under the covers. We?d been flirting and teasing in ways we shouldn?t have and this was the ultimate culmination of our mutual desires. He slipped a hand in my panties and found me already we from the thrill of my brother being in bed with me. I couldn?t wait to wrap my hand around his cock, to stroke him to life, and to take him into my pussy until he came.


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Alien impregnation fantasy role play



There?s no such thing as a weird fantasy, at least as far as I?m concerned. I love calls of any kind, including a recent phone encounter with a guy that wanted to talk about alien impregnation. He wanted a tale of how I had been abducted and inseminated by creatures from another planet and I was thrilled to come up with something for him. It was sexy and surprisingly arousing to think of an alien taking me up into its ship and filling my womb with its seed, leading to a pregnancy. He wanted to hear about the birth too, what it looked like and felt like and I was happy to fill his ears with a wild tale.


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Cream pie’s and pregnancy with little miss Natalie



Jim has a pregnancy fantasy and every time he calls he wants to talk about it. He loves the idea of knocking me up and it really turns me on to whisper sweet nothings into his ear about filling me with his seed and leaving a baby inside. I tell him to get me pregnant, to knock me up, to give me his baby and let me spend nine months growing it inside my womb. I beg him to cum inside me, to spray his semen on the walls of my uterus and make sure that they reach my eggs and leave me pregnant with his offspring. I want his baby and I love that it turns him on so much to fill me with baby making cum.


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