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Foot fetish with Zoe


foot fetish

I notice you keep staring at my feet. Do you like my pedicure? I like to keep my feet really pretty and nice, because I have so many clients who are into to feet and they love to worship mine. I?ll admit, I absolutely love it too. Nothing makes me feel more powerful and womanly then having someone treat my feet as objects of desire. I have lots of different kinds of shoes, from strappy high heels to sexy leather boots. Just tell me what you want to see me wearing. Of course, my favorite calls are the ones where I don?t wear anything at all and you give my feet a tongue bath before I massage your cock and balls with my toes. Doesn?t that sound like a fun night?

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Pregnancy fetish


pregnancy fetish

At 39 weeks, I?m heavily pregnant, hot and ready to be done. Pregnancy had changed my body from that of slim maiden to glowing earth goddess. Dark sensitive nipples top my heavy swollen breasts. My pussy was constantly wet, readying itself for the coming task. I?d also never been hornier in my life as I spent my days steeped in hormone fueled arousal. However, being a single mother, I had few outlets beside frequent masturbation to release the pent up energy. My friend Rae pops in to cheer me up and after lunch, I complain to her that I?m ready to be done with being pregnant. She mentions that nipple stimulation worked for her, and asks if I want to try it. I?m skeptical, but I agree, and she instructs me to take off my top. She gazes in wonder at my huge pregnant belly, but then focuses on my dark nipples. She pinches each one in her fingers and begins to gently, but insistently squeeze and massage them. I suppress a moan, and wonder if she can see the red flush rising on my face. God, this was turning me on. What I couldn?t see was Rae was flushed as well, her head swimming with a desire to suck on my fat nipples. But she remained invested in her ministrations, sometimes varying her rhythm but not stopping. Suddenly, I started to feel my belly contracting, and this time I can?t stop myself from moaning aloud as my body responds to her touch. I think its working.

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Nerdy girl phone sex


whore phone sex

I?m not gonna lie, I?m a bit of a nerd. Super heroes are a big fetish for me. Maybe it?s the spandex costumes, the rippling muscles and the sexualized physiques. Or maybe it?s the idea of powerful men taking control of vulnerable women. Ha, I don?t know. But I do love doing playing out my super hero fantasies. I like pretending that I?m a super-heroine, and I?m sneaking into your hidden base to stop the nuclear launch. You?re the villain, whose genius level intellect is enhanced by mental telepathy giving you an advantage in subduing me. When I confront you, we fight savagely, and I succeed in stopping the launch, but not in fighting off your mental assault as you slowly probe the deepest recesses of my mind.

?I?ll never submit to you!? I call as you force me to my knees, taking control of my body.

?You won?t have to,? comes your voice, within my head, and in my ears simultaneously. ?When I take you, you?ll want it with every part of your being. You?re going to make an excellent slave.?

?Never!? I shout. But it?s too late. He is already dismantling my will to resist him, subverting my pride in my strength into submission to his. Amidst a flood of biochemicals, the sexual centers of my brain light up. My nipples harden. My pussy gushes with liquid. ?That?s a good girl. I will conquer your mind and your body. Your womb is open to my seed. You need me to feel complete.?

?Complete.? Was the only word that escaped my lips. All night long, I was his alone. His pulsing manhood thrust into my weeping cunt, over and over. My body hungered to be filled with his hot seed and he obliged more times than I could count. Let?s play out our super-hero fantasies together!


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Riley for a creampie



As much as I love it when a guy pulls out and cums all over my face and tits, I really feel satisfied when a man cums as deep inside of me as possible. I hope you blow huge loads, ?cause that?s what I?m into. I?ve gotta be filled with jizz and I like to get real messy. The thing is, I?ve got a girlfriend who loves to lick pussy and eat cum. So I invite her to play, and you get hard watching us lick and kiss each other. Then we tease you until you?re practically holding me down to force your cock into my pussy. You fuck me with abandon, my wet cunt squeezing your shaft until you burst and fill me to the brim with hot cum. That?s when we trade places, and she eats me out, guzzling the warm, sticky cream pie out of my pussy while you fuck her from behind. I get so turned on watching her slurp and swallow it. She?s very thorough. Inevitably, your throbbing cock fills her pussy with delicious cum and then it?s my turn to have pie.

Teen Riley
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Mistress Hazel fucks you up



?Hey there slut. It?s the Mistress again. Are you ready to worship my feet? You?d better be. They?re real dirty. I?ve had these leather boots on ALL day. No socks. My feet are pretty damn smelly and you?re going to lick them nice and clean. You know the drill! Bend over, slut, and show me that asshole.? You feel the coldness of lube and my hot fingers gently probing your asshole. The tip of a wide plug presses slowly and insistently into your ass. Your body erupts in gooseflesh. When the plug is secure, I sit down. ?I?m ready for my tongue bath now. ?That?s it, pull off my boots slowly. You are a privileged slave to be allowed to touch your Mistress. That?s it slut, smell the Mistresses? sweaty feet.? You sigh at the heady, pungent scent. ?Good boy, ahhh, yes.? You see my back arch as your tongue slides between my toes. The taste is sharp and salty. ?That?s it, take it slow.? I purr. Like a good slave, you clean both of my sweaty, nasty feet with your tongue. Give me a call to find out what I?d do next.

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Finger me hard



I have a fantasy where I go out on a date with a new guy. As usual, I wear a slutty red dress. I love wearing things that drive men wild, especially on a first date. This dress is really short and it keeps riding up so I have to tug at it all night. But I know he must have gotten a glimpse of my ass a few times. Also as usual, I?m not wearing panties. When our eyes meet, I?m thrilled to see his hunger for my body in the way he gazes at me. It turns me on to know I have such power over him. Once we?re seated side by side at our booth, he waits for the perfect moment to reach under the table and start fingering my moist clit. I lock eyes with him, struggling to maintain my composure as he slides his fingers in and out. The waitress takes our order, she wonders at my deep breathing and flushed cheeks but walks off unsuspecting of the thick fingers plunging in and out of my gushing entrance. To my embarrassment, I?m unable to stifle a moan and I bury my face in his arm as he urges me to cum around his fingers. After he finger blasts me, I return the favor by disappearing under the tablecloth, my painted lips stretched around his fat cock head. He leans back on the cushioned booth, smiling and nodding as the waitress drops off the check. I continue, eagerly sucking to get my dessert.

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I love sticking things up my asshole



Some guys find it strange that I can orgasm from just anal stimulation. But it makes sense to me. I?ve been sticking things up my butt since I discovered masturbating. I remember how much stronger my orgasms became when I stuck my fingers into my ass while I rubbed my clit. Then I began to crave it, begging my boyfriends to finger my asshole as they fucked me. So if you want to have an anal sex fantasy, I?m your girl. I love wearing a butt plug when you call me. You listen to me tell you how good it feels as I swirl it, and gently tug it to feel the stretching sensation as it widens my asshole. Of course, I?m imagining that it?s you. You listen to me moan as I fuck myself with the plug, the sound of your breath urging me as though you?re right behind me. I love the cold chills that pass over me as you push your cock into my ass. But the best is hearing you moan as you release and I imagine your sperm flooding my ass. The feeling of that hot, sticky mess dripping out of my asshole does it for me like nothing else.

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Horse zoo beast sex fantasy with Glory



Hey guys! Do you ever have really dirty fantasies? So dirty, you can?t tell your wife? No worries, I?m into really dirty stuff too. I?m talking all kinds of wrong. I get the wettest when a guy wants me to pretend I?m being fucked by a dog. That?s right, I love zoo sex. It?s so dirty and wrong that I get off on the thrill. There?s a lady that calls me sometimes that has a big mastiff. We talk about how hot it would be if we let him mount us. I tell her how turned on it makes me to imagine that big doggy cock gushing spunk into my body. Then there?s the guy that rides horses. He?s always telling me how big horse cock is and asking me if I think I could take it. Of course I could, I tell him. A huge horse cock throbbing inside my pussy might be just the thing to drive me over the edge. Give me a call tonight if you want to talk dirty zoo sex with me.

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Femdom Bitch mistress forces you to smell really deep


titty torture phone sex

I?ve got all kinds of kinky fantasies, but you want to know my favorite? I love the idea of a guy that really gets off on my raunchy, smelly feet. When I realize he wants to play with my feet, I?m already getting wet. He slides off my sneakers. I?ve been exercising and my feet get really funky when I?ve been sweating. He leans in to breathe in the acrid, corny aroma and I can see the bulge in his tightening pants. I?m writhing as he sucks on my toes, licking off all of the sweat and lint. His need overwhelms and suddenly he?s pinning me against the bed and slowly penetrating my slippery cunt with his fat cockhead. I groan as he enters me, stretching my pussy. Then he picks up one of my smelly socks and presses it against my nose. My pussy clenches as I breathe in the nasty smell. He grabs the sock and does the same, his eyes rolling back. We fuck like rutting, mating animals, bathed in smell of our own musk. I LOVE that fantasy. Why don?t you tell me one of yours?

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Cock and ball torture with a evil femdom teen



I love pushing my boy-toys to the edge. Imagine you have your hands tied to the bed. I pull out a nice soft leather strap and loop it around your balls. Then I pull it tightly, watching with satisfaction as your sack swells and your eyes tear up. Slowly I begin to caress the tight red skin with my hands, kneading it firmly, pleased by your purring in appreciation. I pull more tightly on the leather strap and you make a high pitched squeal of pain. I?m going to use your body for my pleasure. I rub your engorged cock against my clit, admonishing you whenever you gush precum. Oh no, you don?t get to cum yet, my little fuck-toy. After I?ve used your body to make myself cum, I edge you by slowly sliding my sopping pussy up around your cock, smearing it with my juices. Whenever I can tell you?re getting close I stop, and give your balls a few open handed slaps. I can?t get enough of your pain. The thrill of suspending you on the edge of orgasm excites me. I?m going to toy with you all night.

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