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Cock and ball torture with a evil femdom teen



I love pushing my boy-toys to the edge. Imagine you have your hands tied to the bed. I pull out a nice soft leather strap and loop it around your balls. Then I pull it tightly, watching with satisfaction as your sack swells and your eyes tear up. Slowly I begin to caress the tight red skin with my hands, kneading it firmly, pleased by your purring in appreciation. I pull more tightly on the leather strap and you make a high pitched squeal of pain. I?m going to use your body for my pleasure. I rub your engorged cock against my clit, admonishing you whenever you gush precum. Oh no, you don?t get to cum yet, my little fuck-toy. After I?ve used your body to make myself cum, I edge you by slowly sliding my sopping pussy up around your cock, smearing it with my juices. Whenever I can tell you?re getting close I stop, and give your balls a few open handed slaps. I can?t get enough of your pain. The thrill of suspending you on the edge of orgasm excites me. I?m going to toy with you all night.

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Golden Showers with Daddy



The day my Daddy told me it was time for me to become a big girl was the happiest day of my life. All of my older sisters had already fucked Daddy. Some of them even have his babies! I?ve always felt left out. It?s my 16th birthday, and Daddy tells me he has a special present for me. First he shows me how to kneel down and suck his cock. It?s the first I?ve ever tasted, but Daddy makes sure I know exactly how to please him.

Are you ready to grow up and become a big girl for Daddy? he asks me.

Yes Daddy! Comes my enthusiastic answer. Then he tells me to open wide, and Daddy pees all over my face and even into my mouth! He says this is like marking his territory and now everybody will know I belong to him. Once I?m completely drenched in Daddy?s piss, he makes sure I open my legs real wide for him, then he stretches my tiny cunt with his hard cock and fucks me like he fucks mommy. Now I get to be a big girl too and all of my sisters are jealous.


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Pregnancy fantasy


Last night I talked to a guy that wanted to get me pregnant. Nothing in the world made him hotter than fantasizing about fucking me and knocking me up and I couldn?t help but get turned on talking to him. I imagined being on my back with my legs open and my soaking wet pussy full of his cock. It was intimate and beautiful as we kissed while he slowly pushed into me, filling me completely before pulling out and doing it all over again. I wanted him to cum inside me, to give me his sperm, and to inseminate me. I wanted him to give me a baby, to make me pregnant with his seed. He wanted it too.


Bad girl Desiree
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Casey the adult baby phone sex professional



What is it you like most about wearing a diaper my sweet baby boy? Do you like the snugness of it against your skin and your naughty parts? Do you like the freedom to urinate and evacuate your bowels knowing that mommy will have to change you? Does it feel good to let go of all responsibility and simply give yourself over to mommy so she can take care of you like a good boy? Do you like the sound your diaper makes when you walk around or the humiliation of having to wear one? Call me and tell me everything you love about wearing diapers.

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Anna the thunder cunt forces you to smell her feet


bitch mistress anna

I?ve just gotten home from a particularly long and hard work out at the gym and I made sure to wear those old, ratty sneakers that smell awful from years of built up sweat. I skipped socks so my feet would be as stinky as possible because I know you want to savor the pungent scent you naughty foot loving boy. Smell them. Smell my stinky feet and breathe deeply so the scent stays in your nose long after I?m gone. Are you bold enough to suck them so you can taste the nastiness of my shoes?

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This cunt is going to drag your ass down with her perfect pussy


tattooed femdom bitch

I know you want my pussy because every man does. They can?t resist because it?s perfect. I keep it shaved nice and smooth and it looks so tight that guys practically drool when they see it. You?ll drool too but you won?t get close enough to fuck me. You need to keep your distance and take your teasing like a good boy. Look at my perfect pussy and stare at my perky tits and dream of all the naughty things you want to do to me. You wish you could bend me over and take me from behind, don?t you? I?ll tease you, make you drip with precum, and then deny you orgasm because that?s all you deserve.

Bitch mistress Pistol the tattooed cunt your mother warned you about.

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Femdom Facesitting Phone Sex


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You know I have the perfect ass to smother your face with. One of the many ways to truly please your hot phone sex mistress is to entertain me with a little bit of facesitting. My ass worship slaves always get a reward but you better work for it. Obviously with an ass like this you’ll take anything I give you. Once you get a taste you won’t be able to say no. We both know know you’ll do anything to keep your fetish mistress happy.

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Chastity puffs up her cunt with daddy by her side with family play phone sex


teen puffy pussy

Oh hi Daddy! I’m glad you called. I was getting really bored. Oh yes, I’m wearing the skirt you like. And no Daddy, I’m not wearing panties. You said those were only for good girls, so I took them off. Look how soft and smooth my pussy is, Daddy. At school I learned that girls have a kitty and boys have a lollipop, is that true Daddy? Will you let me see your lollipop? Oh, it’s much bigger than the lollipops on the boys at my school. Does it really taste like candy, Daddy? Can I taste it? Mmm, it IS good. But I can’t fit all of it in my mouth. I’m glad you’re going to show me how to stroke my kitty. When you touch it like that it makes me feel funny inside. Oh I don’t think your lollipop would fit in my kitty, it’s WAY too big. But Ok Daddy, if you really want me to sit on your lap, we can try it.

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Dirty Perverted CBT phone sex


fetish domination phone sex

Strip, now, and stand naked in front of me like a good submissive should. Disobedience will not be tolerated tonight. Your job is to suffer for me and you?re going to do it well because you crave the kind of pain only I can subject you to. Your cock and balls are mine to abuse tonight and I will take my time to ensure you remember this CBT session forever. It brings me pleasure to hurt you, so when I slap your balls so hard you nearly vomit you should know that it makes me wet. How would you like to feel my needles through your cock? Do you think you could withstand that pain?


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Age Play Phone Sex with a nasty tiny girl


teen bdsm cock gagging

Oh Hi Daddy! I just knew you were going to call me tonight. If your wife asleep? Good! I?ve been waiting up for you and remembering something. I want to tell you about it. I was thinking about the first time we had sex together and how you hushed me by kissing my lips and whispering that I had to be quiet so we wouldn?t wake Mom. That was the night I wasn?t wearing panties, remember?! And Daddy, I remember how you started off being very gentle as you parted my still bare pussy and rubbed your cockhead against my clit. But then when you felt me getting wet, you just couldn?t stop yourself anymore and you shoved your cock all the way in! God, that hurt Daddy, but by the time you were really fucking me, it didn?t hurt. I liked it. I want to talk to you for a long time tonight, Daddy.


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